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Fund Category / Type Wholesale Sukuk / Income
Financial Year End 31 December

The Fund aims to provide investors with consistent income stream* and steady capital appreciation in the medium to long term, by investing primarily in sukuk.

∗ Income distribution will be paid in the form of units

Asset Allocation

The asset allocation for the Fund is as follows:

  • Minimum 70% of the Fund’s NAV in sukuk; and
  • Maximum 30% of the Fund’s NAV in Islamic money market instruments, Islamic deposit placements and/or products, Shariah-compliant collective investment schemes, and/or other permitted investments.

The asset allocation strategy will be reviewed periodically to suit market condition and expectation. The Manager will adjust its exposure in sukuk to a minimum level of 50% to mitigate any potential loss when a general downturn in the sukuk market is expected. 


Concurrently, the balance will be placed in Islamic money market instruments, Islamic deposit placements and/or products, Shariah-compliant collective investment schemes and/or other Shariah-compliant permitted investment to a maximum level of 50% for income, flexibility for investment or reinvestment, or sufficient liquidity for redemption request. The level will be adjusted in accordance with the Manager’s market outlook.

Investors Profile

The fund is suitable for qualified investors who:

  • have moderate risk tolerance;
  • have a medium to long term investment horizon;
  • seek a combination of income and capital appreciation from investments; and
  • seek Shariah-compliant investments.
Principal Risk(s)

General Risks Investing in the Fund

  • Financing Risk – due to the investment is made through borrowing
  • Fund Manager’s Risk – due to the poor management or investment strategies
  • Inflation Risk – due to the loss of purchasing power
  • Non-compliance Risk – due to the breach of the laws, rules and regulations


Specific Risks Investing in the Fund

  • Credit/ Default Risk – due to the non-payment and/or untimely payment of the principal amount as well as the profits when they fall due when the Fund invests in sukuk. A Fund’s investor may suffer significant capital losses with respect to their capital invested and profit purpose.
  • Profit/ Interest Rate Risk – due to the change in the profit/interest rate environment affecting the performance of the sukuk portfolio of the Fund. Generally, there is an inverse relationship between profit/interest rate and sukuk prices, where an increase of profit/interest rate may lower the prices of the sukuk.
  • Liquidity Risk – due to the difficulty to liquidate the investment instruments of the Fund at their fair value in view of insufficient trading volume.
Trustee Amanahraya Trustee Berhad

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